What Is A High Employee Turnover Rate? (And Why It Matters!)

There is no “one size fits all” answer to the question: What is a high employee turnover rate? In other words, I cannot provide you with a number. It all depends . . .  It all depends on a lot of significant factors. Factors such as industry, culture, size, (yes, size does matter), management and … Read more

QUIZ ANSWERS – Trends That Will Shape HR Over The Next 5 Years

You did this the ‘Old Fashioned’ way.Let us look at how you scored on these questions.The correct answers are in BOLD. 1. What is the primary focus of digital transformation? A. Improved Recruiting StrategiesB. Use of Big Data and AnalyticsC. Automation of HR ProcessesD. Increased Use of Technology in HR 2. What is the most … Read more

10 Trends That Will Shape Human Resources Over The Next 5 Years (A Must Read!)

If Human Resources (HR) was really treated like the “Most Important Asset” and we invested as much genuine effort into it as we do with say Finance or Marketing, there would be no need for an HR “office”.  Do you know what I mean? “That place” people get “sent to” when they are misbehaving?Or, “that place” … Read more

What Is Resilience And Why Is It Important To Bounce Back? (Life-Changing!)

There is no place like nature to help you to understand what is resilience and why it is important to bounce back. Nature personifies resilience.  I have heard resilience being described as “a woman in labour” because, at times, it requires you to bear great pain and still deliver results. It makes sense. If nothing else, resilience … Read more

How Do You Leave A Toxic Work Environment? (Without Drama!)

  This article may contain Affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you click on one of these links and make a purchase. How Do You Leave A Toxic Work Environment? How DO you leave a toxic work environment AND do so without drama? I have had to ask myself that question … Read more

What Is Human Resource Services? (The Clearest Explanation!)

This article may contain Affiliate links. In this clear and brief article, I will answer the question: “What IS Human Resource Services?“ It is a question that I am asked all the time. Even by Human Resource Practitioners themselves. That says to me there continues to be a lot of misunderstanding and confusion about the … Read more

How Do You Stop Toxic Employees From Destroying Your Corporate Culture? (And Your Bottom Line!)

One of the most challenging aspects of workplace life is how to stop toxic employees from destroying your corporate culture – and hurting your bottom line too. Unfortunately, many people do not pay attention to the connection between the two. Probably because they cannot articulate it themselves. In today’s global climate, as we continue to … Read more

What Is The Fastest Emerging Trend In Organizational Development In 2023? (Updated!)

In this article, we will share our insights about the fastest emerging trend in organizational development in 2023. In our 2022 article of the same title, we predicted that “the use of mobile technology, social media, online learning and flexible or adaptive learning principles“ would define the future of Organization Development (OD). But, not in … Read more

Does Human Behaviour Change With Situations? (Let’s Find Out!)

In this article, I will share some of my thoughts on the question: Does human behaviour change with situations? From my experience, it most certainly does. Think about it for a minute. Would you behave the same in a Church as you would at a party? Probably not. You may sit quietly at a party, … Read more

Does HR Have A Diversity And Inclusion Problem? (And Could That Be Why?!)

I usually get a flat and dry, “No!” from Human Resources (HR) Practitioners when I ask: “Does HR have a Diversity and Inclusion problem?” No surprise there at all. The issue though is that the statistics say otherwise and so do my experience and some very credible statistics. Coming from a British framework in the … Read more