What Is Human Resource Services? (The Clearest Explanation!)

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What Is Human Resources Services? - LaMP International Limited

In this clear and brief article, I will answer the question: “What IS Human Resource Services?

It is a question that I am asked all the time. Even by Human Resource Practitioners themselves. That says to me there continues to be a lot of misunderstanding and confusion about the function.

If you are unable to clearly explain what you do and how your discipline can benefit your organisation and its employees then, congruence and effectiveness are under threat.

Your Role may also be threatened.

What Is Human Resource Services?

Human Resource (or Human Resources) Services, (HRS), refers to the cluster of services that are delivered in an organisation by members of the Human Resource, (HR), Department. HR Services is responsible for delivering the right talent, to fill the right need, with the right skills and experience, at the right time. Getting all these pieces connected and flowing efficiently and effectively is critical. If not, the organization’s success, culture and profitability may suffer.

The names ‘Human Resource‘ and ‘Human Resources‘ are used interchangeably. However, ‘Human Resources‘ or HR are most common. When abbreviated, we use HRS, Human Resource or Human Resources Services.

There is also a reference to HRS being used to describe HR functions that are outsourced by an organization. This means that the outsourced provider of HR services is not employed by the organization. S/he is contracted to provide the services – and results as agreed.

The HR services could be outsourced to an individual or a company.

Alternatively, an organization may decide to create an HR Shared Services or HRSS Centre. The HRSS Centre would usually manage routine tasks such as HR data analysis, payroll and benefits.


What Are The Types Of HR Services?

There are many types of HR services. The key HR tasks that are commonly pooled under an HRS function may include:

1. Payroll processing.
2. Collecting and managing all employee data.
3. Analyzing and producing employee and HR reports.
4. Administration of benefits and leave such as vacation and other time off.
5. Overseeing relocation services.
6. Hosting a Human Resources Information System (HRIS).
7. Acting as a Service Centre to manage employee requests.
8. Facilitating virtual communication and learning platforms such as Monday, Bamboo and Workday.

You may be noticing a trend here.

The primary objective for implementing an HR Services model is to allow HR to function more strategically within the organization.

With most of the routine and administrative tasks having a home of their own, HR Professionals are better able to work alongside all employees to ensure that the organization’s development and culture are performing as they should.

Some HR Professionals may also be able to lead and implement more Organizational Development (OD) initiatives to increase effectiveness and support necessary change.

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What Does Human Resources Do In A Business?

Now that we have separated the Human Resource Services, we can briefly explore the question, what does Human Resources DO in a business?

An organization is a living thing. It is flippantly described as “the most important asset“, “human capital“, “talent“, “the people’s function” and many other nice-to-say descriptives.

However, in my experience, more often than not, lip service is paid to the function.

A white wall with a blue wooden arched door and window and a plant pot with pink bouganvillea

Human Resources is a gatekeeping function for an organization’s people.

In the same way that Finance manages, controls and influences budgets, expenditures and income, HR oversees the full employee supply chain.

From recruitment and selection to onboarding, performance management, succession, training and development, compensation and benefits, employee engagement and communication.

HR is the umbrella that ensures all employees – staff and management – have experiences and opportunities that are inclusive, transparent and fair.

Independence is the beacon that guides HR.

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Some Of My Closing Thoughts . . .

Human Resource Services.

Human Resources Services.

HR Services.

These are some key nuts and bolts that contribute to the efficient and effective delivery of the HR function in organizations. Neither one is more important than the other.

They are like links on a chain. If one is broken, the chain falls apart, losing its ability to make others stand out and shine.

Thanks to technology, many of these tasks within HR Services can be automated, allowing employees to access them as needed. For many, that access is available at their fingertips, 24 hours a day.

This allows HR Practitioners to invest more of their skills, knowledge and experience where they can create more value. Strengthening the capabilities and competence of their most important assets – their human resources.

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