What Is Human Resource About?

As a professional working with behaviour and change, I am frequently asked: “What is human resource about?” The question is posed by persons who are either curious about the discipline and its role or those who are questioning their experience of the function. Wherever you are on the continuum, this article will help you to … Read more

What Is Career Coaching For?

I am regularly asked, what is career coaching for? It seems to be the new buzz and everyone wants to get on board. Before doing that, you should take the time to understand what it is, what it should be used for and how you may be able to benefit from it. The first point … Read more

What Is The Decision Making Process About?

Decisions And Choices You make millions of decisions in your lifetime. Have you ever wondered what is the decision-making process about? How do you go through the steps before you make a choice and act on it? Could you have achieved better results if you had made different decisions? Is your decision-making efficient and effective? … Read more

Gifts That Make Life Easier – Jabra Wireless Earbuds

Name: Jabra Wireless Earbuds Website: https://www.jabra.com/bluetooth-headsets/ Price: $100-$230.00 Owners: Jabra.com Overall Rank: 95 out of 100 Jabra Bluetooth Headsets, True Wireless Bluetooth headsets are all the rage now, especially with high the current demand for easy communication that moves as you do. Wires just aren’t cutting it anymore and headsets like Jabra Wireless Earbuds have … Read more

Is Change A Process? – 6 Ways To Know

How Change Happens One of the fundamental misunderstandings about change is that it can take place after one simple intervention. One occurrence or one event. Very few people stop to question: Is change a process? Working within organisations over the years I have been very surprised that, after one conversation, training program or performance review, … Read more

An Emotional Resilience Definition And 5 Ways To Build It

To many of you, perhaps most, 2020 continues to be the most challenging year in your memory, defined predominantly by the global COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, you may be searching for an emotional resilience definition so, here it is together with 5 ways to build it and rebound confidently. Resilience is not well understood, … Read more

How To Strengthen Your Emotional Intelligence

Buzz words are all the rage and when it comes to managing your emotions, the cliches flow like water from a waterfall. It can be confusing to really grasp how to strengthen your emotional intelligence and position yourself in a place of confidence and power. Wikipedia gives you all the theories and definitions that you … Read more

How To Have The Difficult Conversation – Ways To Become A Good Leader

Communication does not come easily to most of us. Learning how to have the difficult conversation will give you an admired and respected edge within your work environments. This is just one of the many ways to become a good leader. I was not always good at this communication art form. Truth be told, in … Read more