Gifts That Make Life Easier – Jabra Wireless Earbuds

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Gifts That Make Life Easier

Name: Jabra Wireless Earbuds


Price: $100-$230.00


Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Jabra Bluetooth Headsets, True Wireless

Bluetooth headsets are all the rage now, especially with high the current demand for easy communication that moves as you do. Wires just aren’t cutting it anymore and headsets like Jabra Wireless Earbuds have become a must-have, no longer a luxury item.

These are definitely gifts that make life easier because they facilitate comfort, flexibility, portability and more effective communication. This is key.

The GN Group

Jabra is owned by the GN Group in Denmark. They have been developing and manufacturing intelligent and innovative video and audio communications solutions for over 150 years and have definitely perfected the science. Many of their products are pieces of timeless art which evidence their core engineering, expertise and technologies.

GN products support the medical, professional and consumer segments by providing solutions that enhance the quality of life, facilitate more effective communications and improve personal and business productivity.

They understand sound and their range of bluetooth headsets is an excellent testimony to this.

How They Make Life Easier

PRO #1 – The Price Range

There is a product to suit everyone’s pocket in the Elite Wireless Earbuds range. From the Elite 65t, discounted now at $100.00 to the Elite 85t at $230.00, each model has distinctive features that allows you to choose which one best caters to your needs.

PRO #2 – Battery Life

This ranges from 15 hours in the Elite 65t up to 25 hours with the Elite 85t.

Jabra Elite 65tGet the Jabra Elite 65t for only $139.99 Now!

PRO #3 – Dust and water protected

A 2-year warranty against damage from water and dust ensures that your life and activities will not prevent you from enjoying your earbuds to the fullest.

Jabra Elite 75t

Get the Jabra Elite Active 75t Bluetooth Earbuds Now!

PRO #4 – Secure Fit

Each ear, like each individual and their choice of music, is different. To achieve a perfect fit, simply slip on a pair of ear gels that mold to your inner ear and stay put.

The tiny Jabra earbuds provide all the great qualities that you expect – amazing sound, excellent music quality, comfortable placement and great voice communication.

Definitely the best fitting earbuds out there.


There really were not any down sides, especially within this price range, that we could find with these earbuds.

For the prices, they are power-packed with versatility and ease of use. I have had my Jabra earbuds for over 2 years now with no problems at all. I am about to pass my 65t on to my 10-year old daughter and gift myself an 85t.

I am excited already. It is really hard to beat this European technology.

Where To Get Additional Information

Visit Jabra’s Homepage for further information and to browse all the products available to help make your life easier.

Jabra - Freedom in Mobility

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