What Is The Fastest Emerging Trend In Organization Development In 2022?

The fastest emerging trend in organizational development in 2022 involves the use of mobile technology, social media, online learning and flexible or adaptive learning principles. It changes the way we measure results, what results we aim for and our organizational effectiveness. The global events of the last 2 years have demanded different needs and wants … Read more

Active Listening – 8 Easy Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills

Active Listening Active listening means making sense out of what we hear. To be able to do that, listening requires that you pay attention, observe and interpret with care. It means understanding what is being communicated, both verbal and non-verbal. When we practice effective listening we function with greater assertiveness and congruency. Too many people … Read more

What Does It Mean To Live A Congruent Life? 5 Ways To Know

What Does It Mean To Live A Congruent Life? To live a congruent life means that your thoughts and feelings are aligned with your behaviour. In other words, what you think, say and do send the same message and do not leave people wondering or second-guessing. For many of us, this may not be the … Read more

Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem: 6 Things You Should Know

Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem – Any Difference? There is a difference between self-confidence and self-esteem. If you have self-confidence, you believe in yourself and your ability to do and become more. Your self-esteem speaks to if – and how much – you value yourself and appreciate who you are. The former refers to DOING. The latter … Read more

How Can Assertiveness Be Easily Explained? (6 Major Points To Consider)

How Can Assertiveness Be Easily Explained? Let’s explore how can assertiveness be easily explained. It may often be confused with aggressiveness and it is important to understand that they are not the same. When you function assertively, you are better positioned to achieve a win-win position in communication. That should be your ultimate goal. Of … Read more

What Is Managing Performance? 10 Strategies To Help You Shine

What Is Managing Performance

  If you are trying to understand what is managing performance and how it benefits both you and your organisation, this article may be of benefit. It shares 10 strategies to help you shine in the performance arena. Managing performance or performance management, which refers to the process itself, simply means making sure that what … Read more

Welcome to Prime Health!

Prime Health has been almost two (2) years in the making. It was in mid-2019 while our MD was working with one of our clients, CAWECU Co-Operative Society Limited, that we were challenged to create a product for the Credit Union’s members who were not able to access affordable health options. Whilst there appeared to … Read more