Welcome to Prime Health!

Prime Health has been almost two (2) years in the making. It was in mid-2019 while our MD was working with one of our clients, CAWECU Co-Operative Society Limited, that we were challenged to create a product for the Credit Union’s members who were not able to access affordable health options. Whilst there appeared to … Read more

What Is Human Resource About?

As a professional working with behaviour and change, I am frequently asked: “What is human resource about?” The question is posed by persons who are either curious about the discipline and its role or those who are questioning their experience of the function. Wherever you are on the continuum, this article will help you to … Read more

What Is Career Coaching For?

I am regularly asked, what is career coaching for? It seems to be the new buzz and everyone wants to get on board. Before doing that, you should take the time to understand what it is, what it should be used for and how you may be able to benefit from it. The first point … Read more