Gifts That Make Life Easier – Jabra Wireless Earbuds

Name: Jabra Wireless Earbuds Website: Price: $100-$230.00 Owners: Overall Rank: 95 out of 100 Jabra Bluetooth Headsets, True Wireless Bluetooth headsets are all the rage now, especially with high the current demand for easy communication that moves as you do. Wires just aren’t cutting it anymore and headsets like Jabra Wireless Earbuds have … Read more

Is Change A Process? – 6 Ways To Know

How Change Happens One of the fundamental misunderstandings about change is that it can take place after one simple intervention. One occurrence or one event. Very few people stop to question: Is change a process? Working within organisations over the years I have been very surprised that, after one conversation, training program or performance review, … Read more